Structural Engineers

The Culp & Tanner Wall Mural, 'Freedom Fighters'

This nation was founded by men and women who combined their civic duties with a strong reliance upon God.

Trusting in God's goodness was a pragmatic, in fact, essential part of establishing and preserving the 'land of the free'. Public acknowledgement of His authority and frequent corporate appeals for Divine aid were a normal part of the debate as our founding Father's crafted our democracy. From a single individual to an entire nation, freedom was held to be the contingent on the blessing of God.

'Liberty and justice for all' was perceived to be the heartbeat of Heaven and so became the battle cry of America. American soldiers have roamed the earth, exporting that liberty, bringing hope, not conquest, to foreign soils.

This painting, which was commissioned to hang on the entry wall of Culp and Tanner's office, was designed to help us remember, honor and emulate the heroic heritage of our nation's "Freedom Fighters".

This genuine life of faith is the banner beneath which the prosperity and hope of God's purposes will continue to be established and preserved.

I Am the Lord your God
Who teaches you what is best for you
Who directs you in the way you should go
Pay attention to my commands
Your peace will be like a river
Your righteousness like waves of the sea

Isaiah 48:18

It is my prayer that this mural will serve to remind and inspire all of us here at Culp & Tanner as well as those who visit our 'shores'.