Structural Engineers


In 1991, Culp & Tanner committed to extend its culture of design excellence into the investigative services arena to provide top quality service to the engineering needs of property claims adjustors and attorneys. Drawing from a diverse design background enables Culp & Tanner to develop engineering services that meet the specialized needs of the insurance industry.

“The best engineer to evaluate a loss is one who routinely designs that which was damaged.”
Wes Hocking, Structural Engineer

Structural Design Background:

During the past 38 years Culp & Tanner has been involved in the design of diverse structures all over the world. Projects range from wood-framed residential and commercial structures to high rise concrete, steel, and masonry buildings. Our combination of design and investigative experience make Culp & Tanner an excellent choice to handle property claim losses which require engineering services.

Investigative Services:

Culp & Tanner’s investigative experience includes services for over 140 property claims. Our forensic and investigative services including origin and cause, reconstruction, scope of repairs, structural integrity assessments, and expert witness for attorneys. Our investigative services have extended from Portland, Oregon to Palm Springs, California.

Culp & Tanner’s investigative engineering services are managed by Mr. Wes Hocking, S.E. Mr. Hocking (click for resume) has over 30 years of design and investigative experience with Culp & Tanner.

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Origin and Cause:

Concrete | Sheetrock | Masonry | Pool Uplift | Settlement | Retaining Wall Failure

Construction Cost Estimating:

Culp & Tanner has on staff a licensed General Contractor that can provide construction cost estimating services. In addition to being a licensed civil and structural engineer, Culp & Tanner’s Mike Loegering, S.E., is also a licensed General Contractor, who has built numerous custom single family residences and multi-family apartment complexes.

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